JUNE 11th-15th

It is a great honor to host European Angus family in Estonia, as our beef breeding sector has relatively short history – only 20 years. It is great pleasure, that Estonian AA breeders are enthusiastic young farmers, who are eager to learn and develop. Thist is probalby the reason why AA population is the biggest of Estonian beef breeds.  We know, that besides the enthusiasm, the keyword for high level beef breeding is international cooperation. Therefore I think, farm visits might bring joy of recognition to many of you, as the origin of our animals goes into different countries from EU.

I hope, you will enjoy long Estonian summerdays, when the nights are bearly non-existent. Our programme for Angus Forum 2018 is versatile, including farm visits in mainland and on the biggest island Saaremaa. We are proud to have the possibility to introduce Estonian culture and traditions during the “ESTONIA 100” year (Republic of Estonia celebrates it´s 100th birthday in 2018). Estonian AB breeders have visited many AA breeders in EU and other countries and it is a pleasure to be host this time. 

Tanel-Taavi Bulitko, CEO of Animalbreeders Association of Estonia