Audru Polder Angus

Audru Polder MTÜ was founded in 2015 to combine quality beef cattle production and the restoration of nature conservation areas by herding. The company manages 135 ha of internationally important protected resting and breeding areas of migratory birds in Valgeranna, Pärnu County. The nature conservation oriented undertaking received support from the Environmental Investment Centre. In spring of 2016, 27 purebred Aberdeen Angus heifers were bought from Estonian and Finnish farms with funding from projects and 10 were bought with own contribution. The bull Troy came to us through the Animalbreeders Association of Estonia from the Thorsten Ahlers Angus farm in Germany. By spring of 2018 the herd is expected to increase by 37 calves.

In the near future, the company aims to have an up to 100-head herd of purebred Angus cattle. By 2020 we have intended to invest in the construction of a new animal housing with modern equipment. In spring of 2018 we are planning to transition to organic production.

The company focuses on the production and sale of breeding animals but does not exclude that in the future we might also produce animals for fattening.
Beef cattle production is on the rise and developing in Estonia and we would definitely like to see that one day beef cattle production is equal to dairy farming.

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