Kuusiku Farm’s Aberdeen Angus

Kuusiku Farm is a family farm, managed by Jane and Elmar Mättik with their three children.

First Aberdeen Angus cattle— 4 heifers and a bull—were bought in 2008 for maintaining grassland and giving it added value. In 2009 Jane bought another 20 suckler cows and 1 breeding bull with the young farmers subsidy applied from the European Union Rural Development Plan and in 2017 they are farming land on nearly 400 hectares (cereal, rapeseed, forage production), the herd has 68 suckler cows and 4 breeding bulls.
The aim is to increase the herd to 90–100 sucklers, while continuously engaging in the development of Angus cattle best suited for the Estonian environment and the production of best meat.

Kuusiku Farm’s cattle often participate in various events that promote beef cattle and since for Jane, beef cattle production is not simply work but also an enjoyable and interesting hobby, she has earned various recognitions over the time—Best Beef Cattle Herd 2012, Best Breeder 2012, Best Beef Cattle Herd Producer 2013, nominee of Farmer of the Year 2013. In addition to these, she has received several prizes from beef cattle contests.

Breeding bulls have been purchased from Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Germany and they descend from bulls such as LOCKERLEY LEGOLAS G850 (UK), Jeremy Eric of Bridgefoot (UK), SRV Hedebo Knobel ET (DK), RAWBURN ROMMEL E423 (UK), Iron Ore Paringa HKFE27 (AU), BR MR CROWN PRINCE 9061W (US). They have also experimented with embryo transfers (Canadian origin), resulting in the first 5 Aberdeen Angus calves from embryo transfers in Estonia. Artificial insemination is also used and in spring 2017 this constituted more than 40%.

Many of the offspring are sold as breeding animals, those not suitable for breeding are sold for meat production to slaughterhouses and sometimes also through direct marketing.

The Aberdeen Angus, i.e. “Black Magic”, which has gained popularity all over the world and combines many nationalities, is also the leading beef cattle raised in Estonia. Although we are a very young “beef cattle producing country”, it is great to see the awareness, ambition and enthusiasm of the Angus herders regarding the breeding and production of this breed.

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