Lendermäe Aberdeen Angus

The first cattle of the Lendermäe Aberdeen Angus herd were bought in 2011. The farm is situated 35 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, managing in total ca 120 ha of grassland. This small breeding herd, where 15 sucklers/heifers will be mated/inseminated in spring of 2018, is under the daily care of Sanna Turu.

Breeding material has been imported from Denmark, the Czech Republic and Finland. The breeding is directed at using genetics from the US and Canada, resulting in medium-sized, resilient Angus pedigree cattle with good milk yield and forage value. For the production of the new genetics herd we import animals and use artificial insemination (AI).

Exhibitions and fairs were not our priority—we have sold most animals as breeding animals in Estonia and abroad. During these years we have sold 5 animals as breeding bulls into herds. In 2017/2018, for the first time, we are participating in the Animalbreeders Association of Estonia’s beef bulls feeding test with our young bull.

In the future we see ourselves operating as a small breeding herd with a maximum of 20 sucklers and high-quality breeding animals for sale every year—both heifers and bulls.

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