Ranna Villa Angus Farm

In the Ranna-Villa Angus Farm, 86 cows/heifers will be herded with a bull in spring 2018. The first Angus heifers arrived in spring 2015. The cattle currently maintain a 200 ha small island near the southern coast of Saaremaa island. OÜ Ranna-Villa has raised cattle since 2007. At the time they started with 10 Scottish Highland heifers and one Highland breeding bull.

By now the company has 200 pure-bred Scottish Highland and 100 purebred Aberdeen Angus cattle. Grazing land amounts to nearly 500 ha. There are a total of 200 ha of cropland where winter feed is grown for the cattle. OÜ Ranna-Villa is owned by an Estonian-Finnish married couple—Kairo and Sinikka Pilviste.

The Ranna-Villa Angus herd is characterised by the presence of a varied mating lineage from the United Kingdom, US and Canadian lineages. The best of Estonian breeding bulls have been chosen. Plans for the future envisage the increase of a pure-bred Angus herd together with the import of breeding bulls.

We place great emphasis on the selection of breeding bulls. Currently we use two breeding bulls and a third will be added in the coming year.

As there are also many cross-bred herds in Estonia, we are still of the opinion that Estonian beef cattle production should move towards more pure-bred herds. There is still room for improvement in Estonian livestock farming and we encourage newcomers to engage in beef cattle production.