Saareõue Aberdeen Angus

Saareõue OÜ was founded in 2011 but the farm has raised Angus cattle since 2006.

Saareõue OÜ is a small family company with 2 people employed on a daily basis. In the summer season we have 3–4 workers. The farm has in total about 200 animals. There are about 500 ha of arable land of which 250 ha is under organic cereals and the remainder is for herding and forage supply. A large part of our grassland is by the sea.
Most of our breeding animals are from the Yxskaftkälen breeding farm in northern Sweden.

Saareõue OÜ Aberdeen Angus cattle have been raised following the principles of organic farming. The animals are raised exclusively on forage and are not given any grain or concentrated feed. The breeding is directed more at medium-sized animals mainly of Scottish, New Zealand and Australian origin. Animals that for some reason are not suitable for breeding are sent for culling at the age of 16–18 months.

We consider temperament very important in our herds. Sucklers need to have a good personality, high milk yield, productivity and easy calving. Our sucklers weigh an average of 600–700 kg and give birth to calves with a weaning weight that is 50% of the suckling’s weight. Currently our herd has two breeding bulls—Utac Outlier Yxskaftkälen, who is an embryo bull from New Zealand. His lineage is very rare in Europe. The other bull is Tyson Rader av Yxskaftkälen, who descends from Mr Rader and on the mother’s side has the “native Angus” Dunlouise Evesund.

Our aim is to offer clients proper breeding animals with exciting parentage and offer regular consumers gastronomic experiences with delicious grass-fed beef.
Angus is one of the most popular breeds raised in Estonia and it is evident year after year that interest in raising it is on the rise. There are many half-natural grasslands in Estonia, which are perfect for the Angus who gives excellent added value to feed. /  +372 5666 8240 /