Valtu Farm’s Aberdeen Angus

Valtu Farm is a farm owned by British shareholders, engaged in cereals production on about 1000 ha of arable land. The first Aberdeen Angus cattle were brought to the farm in 2013 and we expect 37 calvings in spring of 2018. The company has one employee who works with the animals and Sanna Turu performs the duties of livestock manager.

Every season we try to get at least 35% of the offspring via AI. The aim is to cost-efficiently raise grass/forage-fed Aberdeen Angus cattle whose sucklers should weigh an average of 750–780 kg. Valtu Farm has good quality grassland for the production of silage, which also enables to breed bigger Angus cattle that does not need additional grain ration for good growth. The parentage of the animals mainly includes genetics from the UK but also from the US, Canada, Finland and Denmark.

Valtu Farm has sold some good young bulls to commercial herds and participated with good results in the beef bulls feeding test of 2016/2017 with their young bulls. The bulls have also been presented at the local agricultural fair. In autumn of 2017, the Animalbreeders Association of Estonia bought a Valtu Farm bull, born by AI, for the beef bulls feeding test. The herd is growing and the aim is to become a breeding/commercial herd with 100 sucklers.

In the future we wish to offer breeding cattle with good breeding value on the Estonian market as well as for export. The Valtu Farm Aberdeen Angus is free from contagious diseases and is a resilient Angus with good milk yield, good weight gains and temperament, whose management must be cost-efficient.