Vilsi Angus

The Vilsi Angus farm is situated in South Estonia. It is owned by Tiina and Ivo Tomson. The farm started in 2012 with the purchase of 17 purebred Aberdeen heifers. In spring 2018, 60 sucklers will be mated; the aim is to increase the herd to 100 suckler cows.

The aim of Vilsi Angus is to provide high-quality breeding material for the domestic market as well as export. Much work has been done to achieve this and genetics from Scottish, Canadian and US breeding herds has been bought.

Vilsi Angus has their first breeding achievements to demonstrate: the Vilsi Angus breeding bull Vilsi Primus won first place in the biggest Estonian exhibition of breeding animals in spring of 2016. In the same exhibition in 2017, Vilsi Jupiter SO30 came in second.

Vilsi Angus animals are registered under Estonian Performance Testing and for better overview Vilsi Angus is also a member of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society and participates in the performance testing of the Scottish society. Vilsi Angus is an organic farm. The herding and forage production is done on artificial grasslands. Vilsi Angus manages 125 hectares of which 75 hectares belong to the family.